EDMONTON -- The court case for the man accused of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl in the McQueen neighbourhood in March was delayed after a protest outside the Edmonton Law Courts Thursday morning.

On March 10, the victim was walking home in the area of 144 Street and 110 Avenue when 37-year-old Wade Stene allegedly pulled her into his vehicle, sexually assaulted her and dropped her off nearby, the Edmonton Police Service said.

He was arrested and charged with kidnapping and a number of sexual assault and child pornography charges two weeks later.

Stene, who EPS called "a significant risk to the public," was released on bail June 17 when he moved back two blocks away from the victim — prompting outrage in the community.

"We used to walk by his house on a daily basis as it is so close to ours; we shouldn’t have to avoid certain streets out of fear that our daughter might see his face again," the victim of the family said in a statement.

There have been a number of protests outside Stene's mother's home since EPS issued a warning and he was released.

Those protests continued Thursday, this time outside the law courts before Stene's scheduled appearance.

Stene is now in custody after his lawyer requested to cancel his bail Tuesday.

He is scheduled to appear in court July 30.