Police have laid impaired driving charges after an early morning collision on Sunday.

They said the incident happened around 9 a.m. on Hope Road.

A car became airborne after it hit a snowbank on the road.

The vehicle then crashed into a truck that was parked in a driveway.

"We just heard a big bang and the noise and we came out of the house and noticed the truck parked there and three kids coming out of their car which was flipped on the side," the truck's owner Luc Boisvert told CTV News.

Residents in the area said they have been trying to get the city to reduce the speed limit on the road.

"The speed is getting worse," Boisvert said.

"It is just terrible now."

Neighbour Ron Dawson agreed.

"We have city buses that scream down here at the speed limit and 50 clicks with a big machine like that is too much in a little residential area like this," he said.

Dawson explained that residents had already taken a couple of petitions to city representatives but nothing has changed.

"We got over 100 signatures of residents," he explained.

"There have been so many incidents.

"I have no idea how many close calls there have been," he said adding many were afraid to let their children play in the area.

The posted speed in the area is 50 kilometers per hour and residents said they would like to see that dropped to 30 kilometers per hour.