Two teen girls are in comas Monday after they overdosed on ecstasy early Sunday on the Paul First Nation.

The two girls are said to be in critical condition and a third girl is now stable.

Family members were at the hospital Monday and released this statement, "The families have voiced concerns about how these young ladies were able to obtain such a dangerous substance in a supposedly safe environment."

Many in the small community are concerned about the drug use.

Elmer Bird tells CTV drugs are a major problem on the Paul First Nation and claims the band's chief and council now who is selling the drugs but won't do anything about it.

"They're the governing body of this community. They have a right according to the Indian Act, the powers of council to banish those people from this community," she said.

Spokesperson for the band council, Dennis Paul said there is no community in North America that is drug free.

"I think the problem is bigger everywhere else, that's what I think. There is a drug problem, yes. Is it out of control? I don't know," he said.

He said the focus is now on the girls, and their family and friends.

"If there's a drug concern RCMP are dealing with it."

With files from Bill Fortier