An Edmonton pharmacist has had his licence suspended after a hearing tribunal found he submitted more than $85,000 worth of incorrect or unauthorized claims to Alberta Blue Cross and provided drugs when he was not authorized to do so.

Mohamed Elsayed Haggag has been suspended from practicing at his clinic, Alberta Avenue Pharmacy, and fined $30,000 for the violations.

Haggag admitted to a hearing tribunal for the Alberta College of Pharmacy that he submitted or allowed more than $85,000 worth of claims to Alberta Blue Cross. He also provided drugs when he was not authorized to do so, kept incorrect dispensary records, and provided more drugs than was noted in a prescription.

In one cited case, Haggag gave drugs to two patients on a daily basis for a weekly prescription.  

A complaint was made by an Alberta Blue Cross Manager after the insurer Haggag's pharmacy was audited.

Haggag's practice permit will be suspended for four months. One month will be served from July 1 to 31, while the other three months will be held conditionally in abeyance for three years. For those years, he is not allowed to own or license a pharmacy, and must provide a copy of the college's decision to any pharmacy he works at.

He also owes $15,000 for the costs of the investigation and hearing.

According to the college, he has repaid Alberta Blue Cross.

Haggag has been a registered regulated pharmacist with the College of Pharmacy since 2014.