A three-day pinball tournament in Edmonton is expected to have drawn more than 2,000 people, including elite players from across North America this weekend.

The fourth-annual pinball and arcade expo, called YEGPIN, was host to six tournaments, including the Canadian championships, women’s provincial, and a junior players competition.

One hundred and fifty-five machines have been set up in Sherwood Park’s Millenium Place to accommodate the competitors and any members of the public who are interested in an old-fashioned arcade experience.

“You walk in, and it’s like walking back in the 70s, 80s, 90s,” said Erin Pampu, one of the event’s executive team members.

“They’re really cool to see,” added Krystal Hopaluk, who came with her daughter, Isla, on Saturday. “And cool for the kids to see because it’s really different for them.”

“It’s harder than it looks too, though,” she laughed. “I’ve been struggling to get that little ball up there.”

The event will wrap up on Sunday. The public machines—most of which have been donated by league players from Edmonton—are all set to free play after guests pay a $25 entry.

“Everything here is out of someone’s basement,” Rampu said. “We’re really just trying to grow the hobby, and remind people, like hey, ‘This is something fun to do with your family. Come out and enjoy what we love to do as well.’”