The Gibbard Block in Highlands is nearing the end of a massive restoration. 

CTV News Edmonton was welcomed inside the historic landmark Thursday, weeks ahead of the official opening.

“It is a building with a ton of history in one of the few mature neighbourhoods in the city that has managed to preserve its main street,” said Antoine Palmer of Sparrow Capital.

It once housed hotel rooms with meals and a popular French restaurant. Now it has all been reimagined, bringing together 1912 and 2019.

Black Box Hospitality will be running a burger spot, a sandwich shop and a liquor store in the building.

"We're just trying to sort out some permitting with the city and then we should be off  to the races with Highlands Liquor, and then June's Delicatessan and Fox Burger will be a couple weeks after that," according to Black Box CEO Nate Box.

The office spaces on the second floor are still under construction, but are nearly all spoken for.

An Airbnb, Corduroy Suites, is on the third floor. Featuring original claw foot tubs and old doors repurposed as wainscoting, the business says it is already taking bookings, and the community feedback has been positive.

The project hasn’t been without challenges. The original contractor has put a lien on the property. Palmer tells CTV News Edmonton that it’s being dealt with and is not a problem.

The rest of the Gibbard Block is expected to be fully open in August.