Alberta’s best-selling truck is also the vehicle stolen more than any other in the province.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada recently released ranked the vehicles most stolen in Canada in 2017. Light and medium trucks dominated the list for both Alberta, and Canada.

The IBC said auto theft is increasing across the country, and especially in Alberta.

“Here in Alberta, very unfortunately, we have seen increases in the past five years of 56 per cent,” said Celyeste Power, IBC’s western vice president.

Ford trucks earned eight of the top 10 spots for Alberta.

Power warned, “If you have a Ford truck, keep your eyes on it and keep those keys in your pocket.”

However, most of the trucks on IBC’s list are models older than 2007, because of the safety technology that was implemented the following year, said IBC.

According to the RCMP, vehicle thefts are more frequent in the winter, due to motorists leaving the engine running or their keys inside the vehicle.

“It’s a perfect opportunity,” said Constable Mike Hibbs. “It only takes 10, 20 seconds to get in that vehicle and drive away.”

The 2015 Lexus also made the top-10 list for Canada, while both the 2000 and 1996 Honda Civic graced Alberta’s.

With files from David Ewasuk