Drivers in Fort McMurray, Canada’s energy capital, are not enjoying the same break at the gas pump so many others in Alberta are experiencing – it’s left motorists in the northern city wondering why the fuel that originates there, is costing them so much more at the pump.

As of late, many Fort McMurray gas stations have a posted price of 117.9 cents per litre of regular fuel – while Edmonton pumps have remained in the 89 to 90 cent range.

Richard Dixon, with the University of Alberta School Of Business said the price is directly related to the costs of transporting the fuel and demand.

While the oil comes from northern Alberta – Dixon said it needs to be turned into fuel in Edmonton before being transported north.

“They are based on going up on truck, and using a train cost,” Dixon said. “So a truck, plus a pump and fifty thousand litres of fuel that they can carry.”

Dixon added there’s a high demand for trucking throughout the continent – which means the cost of transporting any type of hydro-carbon is high.

“By the time you get up, load up, get back down here, unload in Fort McMurray, come back down, you’re looking at a full 12 hours, so you’re looking at a full day,” Dixon said.

Many drivers in both Fort McMurray and Edmonton who spoke to CTV News were shocked at the price difference – but one young couple put the situation in perspective.

“We have no other choice,” Jessica said. “That’s the price we have to pay.”

Her boyfriend Joe added: “At least we have the wages to balance it out.”

With files from Veronica Jubinville