A local hair salon is all the rage on social media sites Monday, but for the wrong reasons. An ad for the salon is causing quite the controversy, with those who work with victims of domestic violence condemning it, and consumers calling for a boycott.

The poster for Fluid Salon depicts a woman sitting on a sofa with a black eye. Standing behind her is a man, carrying what looks to be a diamond necklace. The caption reads, "Look good in all you do."

The ad went unnoticed for two years on their Facebook page until the social media world caught wind of it.

The owner of the Old Strathcona salon spoke to CTV News late Monday afternoon. She says she defends her decision to approve the ads.

"We want people to talk about it. It's supposed to gear up some sort of discussion," said Sarah Cameron. "Look at her; she's not looking at him. Who's to say she's not getting ready to get up and walk away? It's how everybody perceives it."

It's an ad this salon worker says wouldn't be acceptable at her workplace. Since opening its doors, the Perugia Salon and Spa has helped many abused women, giving them new looks to help start a new life.

"If we put something like this, our clients would be highly offended," said Jasmeen Nijjar. "This would be against anything that Perugia has ever stood for."

Those who work with victims of domestic assault say this sort of violence is very pervasive in our society.

"Domestic violence hurts. It hurts women and it hurts children," said Jan Reimer with the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters. "It has a huge impact on society and we shouldn't minimize that nor should we glamorize that."

Cameron says she's not condoning domestic violence. In fact, she says the topic hit close to home on the set of the shoot.

"Everybody's getting on me about, ‘well how would you feel if you knew someone who was in domestic violence?' The producer of this shoot, the one who styled it all, she grew up in it."

Cameron says despite all the backlash, she plans on doing even more ads of a similar nature in the future.

With file from CTV's Susan Amerongen…