Anti-racist protesters far outnumbered members of a white supremacy group who were touting their cause in Alberta's largest city Saturday.

Police were on scene in downtown Calgary as about 200 people rallied against about 20 members of Blood and Honour. Officers managed to keep the two groups from clashing by blocking the white supremacists from City Hall.

"A couple of years ago when the groups got together there was violent confrontation and that's what we wanted to avoid this year and we were successful at doing that," said Insp. Kathy Grant.

While there was no violence, two people were arrested including a man who was allegedly armed with a hammer and crowbar.

Four men who are believed to be members of Blood and Honour were in court this week, accused of assaulting three people and shouting racial slurs on Whyte Avenue last month.

Their next court appearance is on April 6th.