EDMONTON -- This month you can get a spirited education at the University of Alberta.

A woman is leading an after-dark tour of the campus featuring ghost stories, urban legends and unexplained events. 

It’s called the U of A Haunted Hike and Nadine Bailey educates you on some ghastly subjects.

“There’s so much great history but also so many great stories of ghosts, hauntings, murders, mysteries,” says Bailey.

The hour-and-15-minute tour takes you to some of the historical landmarks, such as Pembina Hall, the first building on campus. It was also used as a hospital during the influenza epidemic in 1918.

“Now it’s a very haunted building because the ghosts of all the people who died from the Spanish flu are still roaming throughout that building,” she says.

Bailey says she gets her stories from going researching the archives but also receives some on the job info.

“I always say my best stories come from the people who work or live or go to these buildings and come on the tour and tell me their first-hand accounts.”

Bailey says that she has encountered some strange events, first-hand.

“You hear the creaks in the buildings, then you hear the noises inside and you know there’s nobody inside.”

But she says if there are apparitions, they are friendly ghosts.

“I haven’t had any major weird experiences but it is a very spooky campus especially in the night time,” she says.

The U of A Haunted hike goes several evenings a week until early November. It can be booked online at www.edmontonghosttours.com​.