Litter is putting wildlife at risk in a north Edmonton lake.

Five ducks have been rescued from Beaumaris Lake this summer after they were entangled in plastic.

"We had to actually capture them and remove the rings, and then kind of do some care and get them back out to where they belong," said Dale Gienow, WILDNorth's director of business development and wildrescue manager.

In a Facebook post, WILDNorth said it has been a record year for wildlife rescues.

"Beaumaris Lake has a disproportionate amount of garbage littering its shore," WILDNorth said.

"The trash that people leave around the shorelines and storm water facilities all over the city has a serious impact on wildlife," Gienow said.

The charitable organization has organized a cleanup event at the lake Saturday.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson