Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson wants Edmontonians to ask candidates in the upcoming provincial election about Edmonton related issues.

The city launched the #askaboutYEG campaign on Thursday, in an effort to bring the city’s issues to the front of mind.

“City issues are provincial issues,” said Iveson. “This election will have a big impact on our city, no matter which party wins, and it’s important for the next government to know that Edmonton is essential to Alberta’s economy.”

The city says about 40 per cent of the infrastructure budget comes from other levels of government, and they’re hoping voters will put the questions to the candidates when they come to the door.

“When candidates knock on my door, I'll be taking the opportunity to discuss their commitment to helping us build out our transit network and reduce congestion on our roads, their plans to build more affordable housing in our city, and their commitment to investing in agencies and initiatives that drive innovation in Edmonton and create the jobs of the future,” said Iveson.

The city has including some talking points on their website for anyone who wants to get involved.