The youngest competitor to battle in the MasterChef Canada kitchen has secured a spot in the finale.

Beccy Stables, 19, delighted diners in the pop-up restaurant challenge with an unusual dish: squab.

Squab is a young pigeon and unlike most poultry, it is a dark-meat bird with a gamey taste. 

In an interview with CTV Morning Live, Stables, who is originally from Grimsby, U.K., said the dish holds sentimental value.

“The last time we went to England – about six years ago – that was the last thing granddad ever made for me before he died,” she said.

In 90 minutes, she dished out squab two ways with shredded Brussels sprouts and Yorkshire pudding for 30 hungry diners.

The judges said her bird lacked seasoning, but her technique and plating gave her the edge, earning her a spot in the top two.

“This is just incredible that I’ve made it this far,” Stables said. “I never expected to get to the finale.”

She said the competition has made her more confident in her cooking and has helped her find her voice.

Andy Hay from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Michael Griffiths from Richmond Hill, Ontario faced off in the dessert recreation challenge.

Griffiths was eliminated, leaving Hay and Stables to vie for the title of MasterChef Canada champion and $100,000.

The season five finale will air on Tuesday, June 19 at 8 p.m. MT on CTV.