It was Edmonton’s worst kept secret, but the Katz Group officially released the name for the city’s new sports and entertainment district.

In a news conference Monday, Katz Group officials said the area around the new downtown arena, Rogers Place, would be called the Ice District.

The timing of the announcement fits nicely with a viral media campaign seen around Edmonton last week that centred around an ice theme.

The icing on the cake seems to be a glossy leaked video that showed up on YouTube calls the area The 'Ice District.'

The area around Rogers Place, the new home to the Edmonton Oilers in 2016, is undergoing a transformation with billions of dollars in development.

Appearing just before midnight on a YouTube account by MARKETNEWSVIDEO, the video was made private after it was posted.

The video was shown during the Monday news conference, and called the district ‘Canada's largest mixed-use sports and entertainment district in the heart of Edmonton and talks glowingly about twenty-five acres of prime land being changed into 'twenty-five awe-inspiring acres of modern urban living.'

New images in the video include an outdoor public plaza, movie theatres and exterior of the Grand Villa Casino.