A Canada Post letter carrier is recovering Tuesday evening after he was attacked by a dog earlier in the day.

In addition to police, Animal Control and paramedics were all called to the scene.

"He was coming out of this home here and the dog had run across the street into the yard behind him, so he didn't know the dog was there," said the worker's wife, Cheryl Redmond.

The employee's wife says many people rushed to her husband's aid after the attack.

Mike Redmond, 46, was taken to hospital by ambulance for examination. He suffered injuries to his arm.

Canada Post says every year, hundreds of letter carriers come into contact with canines.

"It's not just big dogs, little dogs can just be just as hazardous as big dogs," said spokesperson Teresa Williams.

Janet Middlemiss has been delivering mail for 12 years and says she has been bit three times.

"Just on this street actually, a Chihuahua came out and bit me," she said.

The dog in this case is believed to be a Husky-cross.

The city is investigating the incident, but for now, the dog is allowed to go home with the owner.

"The officer felt at that point that it was safe and that there were no other security risks for the citizens of Edmonton by allowing the owner to secure the dog on his premises," said Keith Scott, director of Animal Services for the City of Edmonton.

The city says the dog has no previous history of attacks.

With files from Susan Amerongen