The cost of building a wading pool, beach and playground in Hawrelak Park could cost much more than originally planned.

Edmonton City Councillors will be asked Monday for an additional $1.8 million, bringing the total cost of the project to over $5 million.

Changes to the original plan, brought forward by former Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel in 2012, now include moving the location of the wading pool, utility upgrades and adding changing rooms.

According to councillor Andrew Knack, the City can't just recklessly rubber-stamp the proposal.

"When finances are tight, the way they are, we just can't blindly say yes to spending more money without asking the right questions," he said.

Council will have three options to choose from next week: build a scaled-down version of the partk, create an enhanced park for the area (if additional funds are approved), or cancel the project.

If the park proceeds, construction could begin this summer, a full year after it was scheduled to begin.