A Red Deer group that supports people recovering from addiction is looking to open a local recovery centre.

Their plans have only just begun, and they’re hoping to get support from the community.

“We want recovery to be accessible to everybody,” said Krista Black with Red Deer Recovery Day.

She explained the group has recently formed a board of directors, and is applying for charity status, all in the hopes of opening a centre in the city’s downtown core.

“We're hoping that this will be a safe and stable environment where individuals and those who are affected by addiction can come and get the help that they need.”

Black says when an addict recognizes they have a problem, there’s only a short window to get them help.

She wants to draw more attention to the gaps in service.

“There's gaps in between detox and treatment, and there's not really much for post-care after treatment, and you're basically left to find your own means to maintain your recovery,” she explained.

Black struggled with addiction, but has been clean for more than ten years.

She believes the stigma surrounding the issue makes an already difficult recovery even harder, “Recovery is something that needs to be talked about, it's something we need to advocate for those addicts suffering out there that need help.”

The proposed centre would offer help for many types of addictions, not just drugs and alcohol. It would also give people a place to stay clean in the crucial period after detox and before rehab.

“There are resources out there for those who are struggling with their addiction, but there needs to be resources for those who are struggling with their recovery and needing to maintain their recovery,” she said.

They also want to have a place for families to heal together.

The group is still working on a proposal, and is hoping to enter into talks with the city.

In the meantime Black wants those struggling to know services exist and to find the help they need.

She hopes to help strengthen those services sooner, rather than later.

“It's about saving lives, it's about healing families, and it's about strengthening our community.”