The Alberta Soccer Association has approved the wearing of the sports-hijab in all of its soccer games.

The ruling, given Monday, specifies each hijab must undergo inspection by a referee before the start of any game.

The board also approved other types of hijabs as long as they do not pose a danger to the wearer or any other player.

"All items of clothing or equipment other than the basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined not to be dangerous," the board said in a release.

"If an item of clothing or equipment that has been inspected at the start of the match and determined not to be dangerous becomes dangerous or is used in a dangerous manner during the match, its use must no longer be allowed."

The issue of hijabs on the sports field garnered national attention after a referee banned a 14-year-old Calgary girl from playing while wearing a hijab.

Safaa Menhem was wearing a scarf with a Velcro strap under the chin during a November game. The referee was concerned the chin strap was a choking hazard and wasn't convinced it would break away immediately if someone pulled on it.

The decision is effective immediately.