It was a scary weekend for the Dixon family who live in Blackfalds. Little Karter Dixon suffered a massive seizure Saturday evening.

It was a stranger’s kind actions that gave the family hope in a dark situation. “We happened to look down when he [Karter] was getting taken from Lacombe to Red Deer by ambulance, and we're like ‘Where did that Shoppers bag come from?’ Andthe nurse was like ‘Oh a lady brought it in from the store,” Karter’s mom Britney Dixon said.

Earlier on Saturday Karter had been suffering absent seizures, where he would be conscious but stare into space. It’s something his grandmother Sue Dixon is familiar with, as her daughter had them as a child.

They took him to Lacombe emergency, but were discharged a short time later as he had been feeling better.

They made a stop at Shoppers Drug Mart to grab medicine for the 10-month-old. Sue went into the store, and the little boy waited in the car with his mom. That’s when the seizure hit.

“I took him out of his seat and wrapped him in a blanket and I ran into the store and saw mom at the till and said ‘We gotta go...something's wrong with Karter,’” explained Britney.

Sue said he was lifeless, and having a grand mal seizure, so they left the items behind at the store and went back to emergency.

But Shalayne Little was next in line.

She said she didn’t see the whole situation unfold, but the teller was ‘white in the face’ and she noticed the items at the end of the checkout.

“I looked at their order; they had Pedialyte, Pedialyte pops, Advil, Tylenol and a couple cans of soup. And I was like you know if they go to the hospital, they're going to get out and the stores are going to be closed,” said Little.

So, the mom of three decided to purchase all the items and bring them to the Lacombe Hospital for the Dixon’s. She said it was the right thing to do, “you never know what a person is going through from one day to another.”

Sue made a post about Little’s actions on the Blackfalds Buy and Sell Facebook page, thanking the stranger for what she had done.

“In our darkest moment this lady made it a lot better and just kind of let us know that there's always someone there,” Sue said.

It’s an act Britney said she’ll never forget, “It's just nice to see that there's still people out there that want to help, and be there, and not expect anything back in return.”

Little admits she didn’t do it for the credit, but thanks to Sue’s post the families were able to connect and plan on meeting soon.

They’re encouraging others to step up for strangers, regardless of the situation.