The owner of Yo Mama Maternity used social media to help find her stolen laptop.

Schoena Strudiwick is the owner of the “pop up shop” in Southgate centre, she uses her laptop for personal and businesses matters.  

“They left and it was probably 20 minutes, or half an hour later we realized that my laptop was gone.”

The thief was caught on surveillance footage.

A man and woman entered the store around 3:00 p.m. and in the video you can see he noticed the laptop as he walked by the couch. Shortly after he sat down, he waits and then shoves it into his jacket before walking out the store.

“I should not have had the laptop out. I should not have been trusting enough to set it down and walk away.”

Strudwick said she was most upset about potentially losing her families pictures and videos for good, “every single picture and video from the time they were born is on that.” 

The video of the theft has quickly gained attention on social media.

“I just want what is on the computer off, so I have those things, like I said the videos and pictures of my children.”

Strudwick said that people on facebook were able to identify the couple, and police have obtained her laptop.

With files from Nahreman Issa.