The organization with the mandate to preserve historic sites in St. Albert announced Tuesday the second and final phase of restoring the ‘Little White School' will start immediately.

The chair of Arts and Heritage Dr. Alan Murdock said the restoration wouldn't move ahead as quickly had it not been for the assistance of the federal government's Enabling Accessibility Fund, which contributed $75,000 to the project.

The first phase was completed this summer, and phase two is set to start immediately – to be completed for the summer of 2012.

A major factor in the second phase is the addition of an elevator and improved accessibility to the historic building.

The overall budget for both phases is $637,310, the second phase will cost about $270,000.

The Little White School was built in 1946, and the first students attended class starting in 1948.

The school was built by the Alberta Government to accommodate a growing student population after World War II.

The last classes were held in 1987, now the schoolhouse serves as an educational tool – about 2,000 students take part in educational programs held at the facility annually.