EDMONTON - Life skills were on the menu on Thursday morning, as students from Kensington School took a field trip to a local kitchen. 

The grade 7 class was in the kitchen at Otto Food and Drink, a restaurant famous for its sausages and using locally sourced ingredients.

A dozen kids got their hands dirty in the kitchen, making mac and cheese and helping the chef make fresh sausages.

The idea for this learning experience was born from a friendship between Kensington School principal/ loyal Otto customer Sid Dehaan and restaurant owner/ Kensington alumni Ed Donszelmann.  

"So many kids often have never been to a farm. They think their meat comes from a cellophane pack," explains Donszelmann. "So for them to see half a pig, two legs still on, then they can see food comes from somewhere."

Dehaan hopes this experience teaches them about more than just cooking.

"To think differently about businesses in their community as not just someplace you go but a place to build relationships. To learn about different career opportunities."

Twelve year-old student Tailor echoed the feelings of her classmates after toiling away in Otto’s aromatic kitchen.

"I didn’t bring a lunch so we better eat here!"