EDMONTON -- The Canadian Transportation Agency has ordered WestJet to revise its passenger policy for unexpected delays following complaints from an Edmonton couple.

Chelsea Williamson and her husband filed a CTA complaint under the Airline Passenger Protection Regulations after they were denied boarding to a WestJet flight while on their honeymoon in July.

She says WestJet told her that an aircraft change the night before had bumped them off their flight, but hadn’t notified them of the itinerary change.

Williamson says the airline has provided the couple $900 each cash compensation, as per the new passenger protection regulations. But she notes that offer only came after they were first offered $125 WestJet dollars each as compensation.

The case prompted the first CTA inquiry since those rules came into effect in July. In a Dec. 19 summary, the CTA ruled "it became evident that WestJet's Tariff was unclear" and gave the airline until March 18, 2020 to clarify its policy. 

In a statement to CTV News, WestJet says it's committed to guest care and the company is working with the CTA to ensure it's better in compliance with the passenger rules.

Williamson says while she's happy with her settlement, not all passengers are so aware of the rules or how to complain to ensure they are enforced. 

With files from Joey Slattery