Video captured in the town of Carstairs on Sunday shows a litter of red foxes frolicking around. 

The clip shows four kits running around and playing with one another. Wildlife experts say that’s a normal amount of offspring for foxes.

Litters are typically born at the end of April and beginning of May, with the ones on video likely starting to explore the world.

“Right now their at that great stage where they are old enough to be exiting the den and playing around outside the den, wondering a little ways away,” said Dale Gienow of WILDNorth Rehabilitation.

The sight of foxes within residential areas is also common across Alberta.

“Foxes are really adaptable and they are really great at taking up residence in urban areas. We find them in urban green spaces often they like to be in the golf courses, cemeteries, so sometimes places right in the middle of the city,” said Gienow.

“If you do see foxes there’s nothing really to worry about. Enjoy them, enjoy seeing them, but give them their space.”