In a news release, the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) say they've made the largest hashish seizure ever in Alberta.

An integrated team made up of Edmonton police, RCMP and Alberta Sheriffs seized thirty kilograms of hashish, valued at $600,000, on October 1.

The hashish was packaged and pressed into 30 one-kilogram bricks and was located inside a west Edmonton storage locker.

"It's of course a very potent version of marijuana and can be used to smoke in e-cigarettes or joints, or anything you can light," ALERT Inspector Darcy Strang said in a press conference Wednesday.

A 49-year-old Edmonton man was at the location of the storage locker at the time of the operation. Craig Matthiessen, has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of proceeds of crime.

In addition to the thirty kilograms of hashish found in the locker, ALERT also seized six pounds of marijuana and $5,000 cash.

The investigation was initiated due to a Crime Stoppers tip.

ALERT say that they've experienced an increase in hashish seizures and attribute the increase to the proliferation of e-cigarettes.