The alleged victims of some racist attacks that occurred on Whyte Ave. last month are sharing their stories. Three people were physically assaulted and others were harassed by a group of white supremacists.

Four men are facing charges in connection with criminal offences that were motivated by hate. The charges come after the four accused were seen handing out flyers to strangers about a white supremacist group in mid-February. Police allege the men were involved in assaulting three people and directing racial slurs.

"They kicked me once and punched me a few times," said a 24-year-old man who says he was attacked after he attempted to help a friend during a hate-fuelled assault on Whyte-Ave.

"As they were walking away they yelled out, 'white power'...specifically 'white power'... that's the one I heard the most," he said.

His identity, along with other victims, is being concealed. He is among three people physically attacked in a racist rampage along the avenue on February 12th.

The accused are believed to be associated with the Calgary white supremacist group known as Blood and Honour.

One woman says she was repeatedly punched in the face, and targeted, because she was with a friend who is black.

Some of the victims say they have not returned to Whyte Ave. since the attacks. One woman says she doesn't feel safe there and isn't sure she ever will.

A three-week long investigation resulted in the arrest of all four men last week.

James Andrew Brooks, 25, is charged with criminal harassment, mischief, cause disturbance, assault, assault with a weapon, and possession of a weapon.

David Roger Goodman, 18, is charged with criminal harassment, mischief, cause disturbance, utter threats, and assault.

Jason Anthony Anderson, 32, is charged with criminal harassment, mischief, cause disturbance, and assault.

Keith Virgil Decu, 32 is charged with criminal harassment, mischief, cause disturbance and assault.

The accused men have been released on bail. Detectives told CTV News they are under tight restrictions and will be watched closely.

With files from Scott Roberts