It appears the oil and gas industry is being threatened, yet again, by an anonymous letter. On Thursday, media in Dawson Creek, B.C. received an unsigned letter citing, "time-out is over".

The letter has since been turned over to RCMP who say they are investigating whether the letter is from the same individual who sent previous letters.

Last summer, a threatening letter was sent to Dawson Creek media warning that attacks will "get a lot worse" if Calgary-based EnCana did not stop operations in the area.

Since 2008, six pipeline bombings have targeted the oil and gas company's operations near Dawson Creek, and all have remained unsolved.

In July of 2009, EnCana boosted its reward to $1 million to help find information leading to an arrest of anyone responsible for the pipeline attacks.

In Jan., dozens of police officers wrapped up a search of convicted Alberta oilpatch vandel Wiebo Ludwig's property.

Ludwig spoke to media outside his 750-acre farm, just 24 hours after he was released from police custody following his arrest a few days prior.

Ludwig said police took a DNA sample from him. He said he believed investigators were trying to connect him to a letter that was sent to the media following one of the pipeline bombings near Dawson Creek, B.C.

In a strange twist of events, Ludwig wrote his own letter to the bomber appealing for a halt to the attacks for fear that someone would be injured.

Ludwig was convicted in 2001 on five charges in relation to several Alberta well site bombings that happened in the late 90s. He was sentenced to 28 months behind bars, and served about two-thirds of that sentence.

With files from the Canadian Press