For the next couple of months, Rundle Park will become the intermittent home for several dozen goats as part of a pilot project to deal with noxious weeds.

The City of Edmonton said a herd of 170 goats will spend much of the next few weeks at Rundle Park – until late September.

The animals were brought in to help deal with noxious weeds, and to hopefully eliminate non-essential use of herbicides.

In a video posted on Facebook, the goats could be seen filing out of a trailer at the park.

The goats will be removed periodically to allow the weeds to grow back and flower, before being eaten by the goats to keep them from going to seed.

Meanwhile, the city shared some tips for anyone heading to Rundle Park:

  • The goats will be surrounded by an electric fence, to keep the goats from wandering away from the area – so keep your distance from the fence
  • Don’t feed the goats
  • Keep dogs on a leash in the area – there will be herding dogs off leash and working, but they are trained to protect and herd the goats. The herding dogs are very protective of the goats, and will bark at strange dogs approaching

The city said public meet and greets will be held in August and September – more information should be released on the City of Edmonton Parks Facebook page and Twitter page.