EDMONTON -- An Edmonton man is taking his chalk art skills to the streets. Freelance artist Jeff Maruniak’s creations have been spotted at various parks around the city.

"We play outside, and my daughter likes to chalk, so I started chalking and I've been an artist in the past so I just picked it up, and went with it and this is what you get," he told CTV News Edmonton.

He says he likes to spread a little joy for those who stop by looking to get a glimpse of his latest work.

Cartoons are his specialty. On Friday, he chalked a Winnie the Pooh portrait, dedicated to the people of Fort McMurray.

"I'll tag it on my social media, and I'll share it with as many people as I can, and hopefully raise some awareness for what's going on and get some support out there."

Maruniak spends an average of five hours on his portraits.