A local antique shop owner who bought an old house in search of collectibles is gaining a following online by documenting and sharing the process.

Alex Archbold, of Curiosity Inc., recently bought a rural Alberta farmhouse and began documenting his sorting of it on YouTube.

The house, over 100 years old, was formerly owned by a well-known pottery artist and hoarder.

“On first sight, looking at the house, you would’ve seen a layer of newspaper and garbage and clothing and thought there’s nothing of value in here,” Archbold said.

“My theory is that there's always something good in every household. You just have to dig for it.”

An estimated nine tonnes of objects from the house will end up at the dump, while two vans will take other items to charity—but not before Archbold looks through everything with the trained eye of a collector. Along with trash, he has found treasure.

The growing list of items includes a Canadian Pacific Hotel poster, diamond jewelry and pottery made by the home’s former owner, valued in the thousands of dollars.

His YouTube videos have been watched by people around the world, some of whom are interested in purchasing the items he showcases online.

“It’s insane, the amount of people that are watching and following.”

Archbold plans to eventually sell the home.   

With files from Bill Fortier