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Come on Barbie, let's go shopping: Barbie pop-up opens in West Edmonton Mall


As Barbie-fever continues across the globe, fans of the iconic doll can check out a new Barbie pop-up shop at the Indigo store in West Edmonton Mall.

The shop features some of Barbie's most iconic dolls and accessories.

The location also includes an interactive play area, featuring the Barbie DreamHouse, and a Barbie box photo frame.

"We partnered with Mattel to just create this incredible Barbie experience where you walk in and you walk into the world of Barbie," said Gail Banack of Indigo.

"You walk in and you’ll see a big, pink wall, it'll say Barbie Way, and you walk in and on your right you’ll see a box you can step into, and then a whole slough of products, and space on the ground to play with as well."

The pop-up is one of only two in Canada. The other can be found at the Indigo store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto.

"In both cases we have photo opportunities where you can snap photos of yourself and post them on Instagram or whatever. In Toronto there's a car that you can sit behind, and in Edmonton it’s a box that you can actually step into and look like you’re a Barbie," Banack said.

The Barbie box at the Barbie pop-up store at Indigo West Edmonton Mall. (Amanda Anderson/CTV News Edmonton)

The Barbie pop-up ties in with the summer blockbuster Barbie movie, which opened in theatres last week.

Indigo says the pop-up was a natural fit for their brand, as the store has been carrying Barbie products for years.

Banack says Barbie sales have been strong in recent years, but the new movie has rejuvenated interest in the doll, partially due to interest from an older demographic.

"With the release of the movie, it has just gone to a whole new level. I think grown women like you and I are able to celebrate, and are remembering our Barbie experiences," she told CTV News Edmonton.

"The movie is just very celebratory. Everybody’s in pink, and everybody’s happy and excited about it, and the message is really great. It's a very strong, feminist message that is very supportive."

She says that experience has also translated to the pop-up shops.

The Barbie pop-up store at Indigo West Edmonton Mall. (Amanda Anderson/CTV News Edmonton)

"Moms in particular are really excited to go, but I can tell you, having seen the little kids, the girls and the boys come into the space, they love it just as much. So I think what is bringing people in might be different, but they're both taking something out of it. It is just as fun and magical for adults and kids alike."

The pop-up will be open in Edmonton until Dec. 31, 2023.

"If you’re out at the mall and you’re seeing the movie, definitely pop in."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson Top Stories

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