RCMP confirm they are set to scour a small body of water on a rural property west of Edmonton as part of a search warrant related to the disappearance of a St. Albert couple.

For the first time in the ten weeks since Lyle and Marie McCann went missing, dive teams are being used in the investigation. They will be dispatched to a private property between Niton and Nojack, just off Hwy. 16 and R.R. 120, on Tuesday.

"It gives me some apprehension as to what they will find," admits the couple's son Bret.

The development comes one day after ground search wrapped up at the site, with a forensics team removing a garbage bag filled with unknown contents. Investigators were also seen going into a specific area with a camera.

Officials are not saying if they've found evidence that will help further the case.

"At this point I am not privy to what was seized at this property," said Sgt. Tim Taniguichi.

The RCMP spokesperson does say, however, that a press conference will be announced if there are any major breaks in the case. As of Sunday evening, no such event had been scheduled.

People living in the region say RCMP have been on scene a number of times over the past several weeks and have also searched other nearby properties.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said the person whose land is being investigated this weekend used to be friends with Travis Vader – a man who's been named a suspect in the couple's disappearance. But according to the source, it's believed that relationship ended a number of years ago.

"The police have repeatedly told us that they believe Vader has information related to my parents so this basically confirms that," said Bret.

The family says it's willing itself to stay positive by meeting with RCMP twice a week for updates on the investigation and checking a Facebook site several times a day to draw encouragement from the more than 43,000 supporters.

"We just have to be constantly optimistic and hopeful," said the McCann's granddaughter Nicole.

"You have a choice - you can focus on the bad people or you can focus on the number of good people.

"It's renewed my faith in Canadians, Albertans - people are so good and they want to help you."

With Files from Kevin Armstrong