A Dawson Creek woman got the surprise of her life when a handmade doll she had sent to a The Big Bang Theory actor, was shown on national television.

Jackie Laing crochets hats, props and toys as a side job, and decided to crochet a Sheldon Cooper doll to send to Jim Parsons, the actor who plays Cooper on the show The Big Bang Theory.

“He is my favourite character off the show,” Laing tells CTV News. “His sense of humour, everything about his character is funny.”

It took her two days to crochet the doll, which features the signature red Flash shirt that Cooper wears on the show.

Laing said she sent the doll to CBS a few weeks ago.

“I didn’t even know if he would get it,” she said.

Parsons did get it and not only did Laing receive a picture of Parsons holding her doll, but he also brought the doll onto The Conan O’Brien show Wednesday night.

“It’s the sweetest thing. It’s all crochet, it’s a little Sheldon,” Parsons said when he brought the doll out to show O’Brien and the audience.

“It’s this woman named Jackie, she lives in Canada… I think it’s the cutest thing in the world.”

Laing said seeing Parsons show off the doll on national television was exciting and a boost for her businses.

Overnight, she received six emails from people requesting their own little Sheldon.

Click here watch the video of Jim Parsons showing off Laing's crochet Sheldon on The Conan O'Brien Show.