Edmonton's first 'bike box' was unveiled Thursday, in an effort to help cyclists become more visible at the intersection.

The city unveiled its first bike box at the intersection of 116 Street and 87 Avenue near the University Thursday morning.

The green square with a white bike symbol is a designated space for cyclists that is meant to help both cyclists and drivers share the road by allowing cyclists to clear the intersection ahead of vehicles.

"The bike box allows the cyclist to move ahead of the line to make a safer left turn," said Andrew Siggelkow with the city's Transportation Services.

"It makes them more prominent in front of the motorist and makes a more comfortable left turn."

When the intersection light turns red, motorists will be expected to stop behind the green painted square. Cyclists will move into the green bike box area – in front of the vehicle.

Right turns at the bike box intersection are banned for both driver and cyclist when the intersection light is red.

When the intersection light turns green, cyclists will move first – followed by drivers.

Siggelkow says cyclists are less likely to be sideswiped or cut-off by being put ahead of cars at bike box intersections.

The city has released an instructional video on how to use bike boxes as part of an education campaign around the bike box.