Mary Johnston, 88, was paralyzed with fear when two full-sized Boxers jumped out of a vehicle’s window and began attacking her dog in front of a busy Edmonton intersection.

“I was concerned about her because she’s 15-and-a-half. Being an older dog, I thought I’d be picking up a dead Maggie,” Johnston said.

It happened at 102 Avenue and 124 Street on Sunday, June 24.

Johnston said she noticed the vehicle taking a right when suddenly, its windows rolled down and the two dogs jumped out.

“I was yelling, ‘Help, help, help.’ A man from across the street came and he pulled the dogs.”

She said the attack happened quickly; she didn’t get the Good Samaritan’s name and only vaguely remembers that he was tall, slender and had a moustache.

After the ordeal ended, a couple noticed Johnston, who uses a walker, was in shock and offered to walk her home.

“Mom called me right after the incident and she couldn’t speak, I thought she was having a stroke,” her son, Gordon R. Johnston, said.

He said he’s grateful to the three strangers who helped his mother and Maggie.

Maggie suffered bruising along her rib cage and scratches. She now has a couple of scars on her face and leg.


Boxers’ owners given warning 

Johnston spoke to the other dogs’ owner and was told the SUV’s window was rolled down by accident.

The owner was apologetic throughout the entire incident, and concerned about Johnston and Maggie.

When animal control officers asked Johnston if the dogs should be euthanized, she said they should be given a warning because it was an accident.

This happened more than three weeks ago and Johnston said she cannot stop thinking about those who came to her aid.

She’s sharing her story in hopes of finding them.

“I just want to thank those people who did help me, I really appreciated it.”

Johnston is asking the three Good Samaritans to contact her via email: