As Canadians across the country paid tribute to the two soldiers killed this week, a special show of support was held near Sylvan Lake.

Over 100 flags have been set up alongside Highway 11 as a tribute to the 116,000 Canadian soldiers who have lost their lives since 1900.

The founding executive director of Veterans Voices of Canada, Allan Cameron, said they received a lot of attention as they put the flags up.

“People get it and they understand and they are appreciative of what our organization is doing here.”

Cameron said each flag was important because each soldier needed to be remembered.

“If we begin to forget one soldier it is going to go down the line and we are going to forget more. The whole idea here is we have to keep remembering.”

For one local family the tribute touched home.

“It is very overwhelming but extremely heartwarming,” Rhonda Draeger said through tears.

Draeger’s husband, Sgt. Walter Draeger, had been with the military for 23 years but was killed in a car collision in January.

“He served in Bosnia and he did two tours in Afghanistan. The last one was in 2011. He was actually part of the flag party that took the Canadian flag down in Kandahar,” she said, adding the family was very proud of him.

She said the timing of the event could not have been more fitting.

“In light of the events of the last week it is so heartwarming to see such tremendous public support not only for our serving members but our past serving members.

“This country was founded on our freedoms so it is nice to see the acknowledgement from the public.”

Cameron said his organization hoped to put the flags up each year and were looking to expand.

“We want to do it right across Canada. Every province in Canada we want this to be seen.”

The flags will be taken down on November 15 and presented to the sponsored soldiers family members.

With files from Nicole Weisberg