Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (FARRM) received a generous donation from another non-profit to help rebuild the barn that burnt down on April 11.

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) donated $10,000 so FARRM could build another home for its 90 animals.

“[It] blew us out of the water, because, of course, funds are always an issue for any non-profit agency or society,” FARRM volunteer Chantele Theroux said.

FARRM lost its barn, along with 11 animals, including Daisy the blind goat, in a fire.

The non-profit is waiting for the green light from firefighters to begin cleanup and recovery efforts before it can replace the barn.

The surviving animals are currently in temporary shelters. Theroux said it’s “absolutely” necessary to have a new permanent home before next winter.

“They need heaters; they need a place to ensure they are nice and warm … but first and foremost, it’s safety from predators, also.”

FARRM is currently closed for new intakes because it has been running at capacity for about two-and-a-half years.

The non-profit is still receiving donations on its website.