A performer at an Edmonton Fringe show has been removed from this year's festival after he undressed an audience member on stage.

Mike Delamont, a drag queen in "Late Night Cabaret," invited a man on stage for a lip sync performance, began to undo his shirt buttons and eventually ripped it off.

Vikki Wiercinski said her husband, Jim, was "grossed out and angry."

"It got worse very slowly and he was absolutely mortified," she told CTV News Edmonton. "He apologized on stage very briefly."

Police responded, but "deemed this a situation unnecessary of any charges."

On Thursday, Delamont apologized to Jim and Edmonton Fringe.

"I'm incredibly sorry that any of this happened," Delamont said. "I stepped over a line."

Delamont will no longer be in "Late Night Cabaret" this year and the festival "is working through the Safer Spaces policy in order to determine the next steps."

The safe space initiative has existed for two years. It states "everyone has the right to fringe in a safe place, where they are welcomed and respected."

However, Wiercinski believes the Fringe's response has been "weak."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Matt Woodman