A local illustrator designed a shirt to pay tribute to the two men who helped arrest an arsonist on Whyte Avenue last month.

Jason Blower’s t-shirt illustrates the men known as ‘Hawaiian shirt guy’ and ‘2x4 guy.’ The pair took down a man who set more than 10 vehicles on fire near Whyte Avenue on April 12.

“It’s just amazing, like the two kind of stepped into the situation and then disappeared almost like a dark knight,” Jason Blower, the man who designed the t-shirt, told CTV News.

He calls the shirt the “Edmonton 780, like Hawaii Five-O.” It shows a gas can with a swooping red flame, a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a man holding a 2x4.

Blower is taking pre-orders online until the end of the month. Each shirt is $35, and all proceeds will go to We All Believe in You, a local mental health organization.

“What better way than perhaps somebody that might be having some challenges or some issues that decided to light things on fire…why not help somebody like them?”

Blower has used his talent for a good cause before. He once designed a t-shirt for Spider-Mable, and donated $10,000 to the Children's Wish Foundation.

“Good deeds beget good deeds.”

With files from Regan Hasegawa