EDMONTON -- An Alberta woman is sharing online her two-week quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 when her family returned from a vacation in Mexico.

Vegreville resident Jerilyn Gabruck says, as a nurse, she was aware of coronavirus before leaving Canada, but noted there were no travel advisories for Mexico at the time.

The night after her family returned to Alberta, she felt a fever develop.

"Because I work as a nurse, I decided I needed to just have myself tested — more to get the negative result so that I felt better about my symptoms," she recalled.

"And then it came back positive. Which I wasn't expecting."

Gabruck, her husband, and her three kids under the age of 10 are making the best of the diagnosis and subsequent isolation.

"The kids and I made a quarantine fun list," she said, explaining they have plans to spend the time watching documentaries and movies, baking, and doing educational activities.

"Vegreville has turned out amazingly and just has offered to bring things and drop them at our door. People we don't even know."

She decided to document the quarantine – which they are two days into – online to show others that the situation is survivable.

"It's important to spread the message that we can handle it and that yes, it's not a good situation, and it's not ideal, but we'll make it through."