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'It's too pretty to be covered up': Local company cleans vandalism off Talus Dome

The Talus Dome has been restored to its shiny glory after two Good Samaritans took it upon themselves to remove the spray paint that was applied to the sculpture on Tuesday night.

Kevin Faryna and Darren Hansen saw the vandalism on the news Wednesday morning.

The pair have a local company that distributes stainless steel, and wanted to use their expertise to give back.

“We distribute stainless steel, so at times it needs to be cleaned up, so we just use an anti-graffiti spray, give it a spray, wipe it down. Sometimes you have to really scrub it down, but we just put our years of experience into wiping it down, didn’t do any harm to the balls, so it’s all good,” said Hansen.

“As company owners in Edmonton, we wanted to help back with the community. Because we just wanted to clean it up and make it look the way it’s supposed to,” said Faryna.

“It’s too pretty to be covered up.”

The pair said it took them about an hour to remove the graffiti.

The Edmonton Arts Council, which is responsible for maintenance of city art, released a written statement on the vandalism and clean-up.

"We don’t recommend that good Samaritans clean the artwork themselves, as occasionally the removal will further damage the artwork, although we do appreciate how beloved the artwork is in the community and the fact that community members admire it enough to quickly clean it up," said Jenna Turner. "We will still have our contractors attend to the artwork to assess if any paint is remaining and if any further work is required."

Turner says it costs in the range of $600 and $1,500 to have similar paint removal done. 

The Edmonton Police Service told CTV News Edmonton officers will not be investigating the vandalism. Top Stories

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