Friends of Edmonton’s latest homicide victim say Charissa Kozakewich was dating the man charged with her murder.

Kozakewich was found dead in her home Thursday.

Her friends and family are remembering her as a kind-hearted woman.

“Charissa was a loving daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend. She was compassionate, generous, caring, kind and self-less,” a statement from her family released Sunday reads.

“Being around her general energy was always refreshing,” said Robert Pelletier who met Kozakewich in 2008.

The two dated for a brief time but lost touch when she started dating someone new earlier this year.

Friends and family confirm Kozakewich had met her new boyfriend through an online dating site.

That same boyfriend, 42-year-old Edward Fountain, is now charged with her murder.

“How can something like that happen to someone so pure?  And just so good,” Pelletier said.

Although details surrounding her death have not been released, a local psychologist says there is a lot to consider when connecting online – most importantly taking things slowly.

“If they want to get in too deep too quickly themselves that's a big warning sign.  If they're not checking you out and taking their time with you that's another warning sign,” psychologist Dr. Ganz Ferrance said.

“Either they're not the healthy person you want to be in a relationship with.”

He says it’s important to meet in a group setting with friends or family to see how your potential suitor acts around them.

Preya Dhaliwal, the victim's friend, didn’t get that chance.

“She was saying how wonderful a man he was and how well he treated her,” said Dhaliwal.

But she said she takes comfort in knowing her friend was happy.

“In her last moment I think she had everything she wanted.”

Pelletier is now helping to plan a funeral for Kozakewich on Wednesday.

“I just have to allow it to settle and just understand that the reasons why or how or where and when are not important. It’s honouring her life and who she was. That’s important.”

Fountain was arrested and charged with second degree murder on Friday, October 5.

He will appear in court on Wednesday.

With files from Amanda Anderson