One man is dead after a motorcycle crash in the city's north side Monday morning.

Police responded to the crash at 152 Avenue and 139 Street at around 1:30 a.m.

Officers say a man was riding his motorcycle when he skidded and crashed into a concrete barrier.

Police tell CTV News the driver died on scene and that speed was a factor in the crash.

"It is a straight stretch of road and straight stretches of road without any obstructions oftentimes invite speeding, unfortunately," said Staff Sgt. Dan Jones.

Jones says traffic investigators are working to determine the cause of the crash.

The crash took place in an area residents say has become common for speeders.

"This has been a problem. Speed is an issue. It's getting out of hand in the area," said Dave Shinkew, who lives in the area.

"It's unfortunate but in this area it's pretty much become expected."

The number of traffic fatalities has doubled from what it was this time last year, a figure that has police concerned.

"You hope that it calms down and people start being more careful," Jones said.

In 2011, there were only six fatalities in the city at this time.