Edmonton police confirm they're investigating the city's 35th homicide of the year after they say a fight between two family members ended with one of them being fatally struck by a vehicle Thursday evening.

The incident happened in the Massey Landing neighbourhood, located within the southwest McGrath Heights community, around 9 p.m. Officers say two people arrived at a home together, when an argument broke out.

"We don't know what was the exact reason for everything, but for sure, he ran him over on purpose," said neighbour Stephane Beauchemin, referring to the victim's son.

"He ran his dad over in the door of his garage, broke both his legs and I didn't see it, but my wife told me he actually went, ran over him again."

Beauchemin, a radiation therapist, and his wife, a nurse in the ICU, performed CPR on the 59-year-old while the victim's wife and daughter watched. Despite the efforts, the man died on scene.

CTV News is told the son, meantime, quickly left the scene.

"He went and changed his shirt and took off in the BMW," he said. "When he took off he went across the lot, across the front yard. He almost hit two people."

A 26-year-old man was taken into custody after he was apprehended at the Legislature Grounds. Police also seized what is believed to be the car used to flee the home.

A relative who asked not to be identified says the father and son had recently started working together in the family business, which some sources say was the construction company MNH Homes.

The woman, who says the victim was her dad's cousin, doesn't know if work matters led to the confrontation.

"I am just worried, it happened sudden, so I wasn't expecting that," she said. "I couldn't sleep last night. It was hard."

The victim is identified as Mohan Heer, with the Medical Examiner determining blunt trauma caused his death.

Police say homicide detectives are conducting interviews and charges are pending.

With Files from Sonia Sunger