The family of Lyle and Marie McCann -- a couple from St. Albert who have been missing since July -- have launched a series of billboards along highways west of Edmonton to generate some tips about the couple's disappearance.

"$60,000 Reward, Please Help Us Find Our Parents" now appears on the billboards as well a note promoting the Crime Stoppers phone number.

The billboard also includes a large picture of the missing couple. One billboard is already noticeably visible on the corner of Range Road 153 and Highway 16 about 30 kilometres east of Edson.

"We really think that we wanna keep this top of mind to people in this area," said the couple's son Bret McCann. "Recovering my parents is our only goal here."

The family said flyers are also being given out to anyone buying a hunting licence in Edson.

"There will be a lot of people, a lot of new people, travelling in through the bush, going into areas that haven't been looked at before," said Bret.

The couple's family began a ground search in late September around Nojack, located about 150 kilometres west of Edmonton where the McCann's burned-out motorhome and SUV were found on two separate occasions in July.

Searchers scoured the land on ATVs, looking for anything that could lead to the whereabouts of Lyle and Marie who have been missing since July.

Up until recently investigators asked the family to hold off doing its own pursuit.

That search came one weekend after RCMP executed a search warrant on a private property in the area. Officials have not said if they found any key evidence, but confirmed no bodies were recovered.

Travis Vader is the lone suspect named in the case.

The family is considering putting up some more signs and possibly lighting the existing ones. So far, the highway signs have cost them about $650 each.

With files from Bill Fortier