Just shy of a dozen family members launched their own investigation on Saturday, looking for evidence that will lead to a break in the case of a missing elderly couple.

A ground search took over the area around Nojack, located about 150 kilometres west of Edmonton.

About ten people scoured the land on all-terrain vehicles, looking for anything that could lead to the whereabouts of St. Albert's Lyle and Marie McCann.

Among the searchers was the couple's 14-year-old great nephew.

"If I were in their position, I'd rather have people looking for me than sitting at home," said John McCann.

"I'd kind of rather feel positive about it - that we'll find them - that they'll walk up to us or something."

Up until recently police have asked the family to hold off doing its own pursuit.

The couple's son Bret says while he still has faith in authorities, he can no longer tolerate staying idle.

"They're aware we're doing this but basically they're not leading us or directing us where to search or anything like that. This is all initiated by our family and friends," he said from his home in St. Albert.

The missing couple's nephew tells CTV while it feels good to be doing something, it's disheartening coming up empty handed.

"I was really optimistic that they were sitting some place waiting for us," said Murray McCann.

"Now they are not sitting and waiting for us, so we have to find them and bring them home."

The civilian search is being conducted in the area where the McCann's burned-out motorhome and S.U.V. were found, on July 5th and July 16th, respectively.

Family members say they hope to continue their efforts for as many days as possible before the snow hits.

While there is talk about recruiting volunteers for future searches, nothing official has been organized at this time.

The initiative comes one weekend after RCMP executed a search warrant on a private property in the area. Officials will not say if they found any key evidence, but confirm no bodies were recovered.

Travis Vader is the lone suspect named in the case.

A Crime Stoppers award that leads to the whereabouts of the couple stands at $60,000.

With Files from Sean Amato