The family of Lyle and Marie McCann has asked the court to declare the couple legally deceased. It's been more than one year since the elderly St. Albert couple disappeared after leaving for a trip to B.C.

The family of the couple has accepted that they are no longer alive. And with a year now passed, the reality of dealing with the couple's estate and other issues had led the family to making it official.

Last week, along with a letter from the RCMP, the couple's son asked the court to declare them legally deceased.

"Outlining that there is an ongoing criminal investigation with regard to the disappearance and presumed murder of those two people,"said Sgt. Patrick Webb with the RCMP.

Bret McCann says a judge agreed.

"We wanted to get this out of the way, so we could start dealing with some issues like dealing with their estate, dealing with their house, with their banks, their insurance," said Bret.

But he says it doesn't mean the family has given up hope on information coming in to solve their disappearance.

"We know that not knowing what happened to my parents will be a question that gnaws us forever, and we are still very motivated to find out what happened to our parents," he said.

Last July, the couple left on a vacation for B.C.

Two days passed before their burned motorhome was found at the Minnow Lake campground -- the vehicle they were towing was found days later several kilometres away near Carrot Creek.

The only person of interest in the case, Travis Vader, is currently behind bars on separate charges.

RCMP and the McCann family have conducted several searches over the last year, but have uncovered few clues as to the couple's whereabouts.

Bret says he came away very optimistic after his last meeting with RCMP investigators. He says he is looking forward to seeing a large crowd at St. Albert's Catholic Church this Saturday for a celebration of their lives.

"We're welcoming everybody who'd like to attend."

Bret says the church is large enough to accommodate at least 500 people. he's hoping many people who either knew his parents or were touched by this story will attend the service at St. Albert Catholic Church (7 St. Vital Avenue) at 11 a.m. Saturday.

A $60,000- reward for information to help find the couple is still in place.

With files from David Ewasuk