Edmonton police have wrapped up their Christmas Checkstop campaign and say they're still seeing motorists drinking and driving.

Police noted in one case on Dec. 29, at 1 a.m., police say a driver was travelling 80 km/h westbound on Fox Drive at Keillor Road towards a marked Checkstop line where nine police cars and the Checkstop van were parked, with emergency lights activated.

The driver of the vehicle allegedly slammed on the brakes and skidded along the centre median.

The snow on the median managed to slow the car down before it came to a stop.

No one was hurt in that incident but the driver of the vehicle was charged with impaired driving and providing a blood-alcohol sample over the legal limit.

But the campaign also showed that some drivers are getting the message.

“There was one night in particular during the Christmas Checkstop season which stood out,” Acting Sgt. David Green said in a news release.

“Many of the motorists we pulled over were acting as designated drivers taking friends and family members to and from Christmas parties and other holiday functions.”

Police are expected to release statistics for their Christmas Checkstop campaign Friday afternoon.