Friends, family, complete strangers—including one famous comedian—all gathered for a wedding Friday evening at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, where the newlyweds met two years earlier.

Christina and Chase Padgett met at Fringe in 2017 when Chase was performing. Exactly one year later, he proposed at there, too.

Given their history with the festival, friends suggested they tie the knot there.

"At first we were like, 'Hahahaha,'" Chase recalled. "Then we were like—'Wait a minute.'"

Christina added, "It started out as a joke, and it went relaly far and we're happy we're here now."

"Really, really happy."

The couple's marriage on Friday doubled as a show titled "Chase Padgett Gets Married."

Consider it Christina's Fringe debut.

The ceremony was followed by a variety show that featured acts by the couple's friends.

Christina and Chase even received a surprise toast from Colin Mochrie, who is performing at the festival this week.

"We had no idea Colin was going to pop up," Christina told CTV News Edmonton.

"We couldn't have been more delighted," her husband said. "It was the best."

Funds from ticket sales to the show will help the couple pay for their Hawaii honeymoon in the New Year.

The couple is in the process of immigrating to the U.S.